System plugin which replaces the default J4 favicon.

The favicon files can be generated from online tools such as:

The favicons can be placed anywhere convenient on your server but the recommended location, when using a site child template of cassiopeia, is:

The favicons field requires a CSV separated list of name=value pairs, like this:
rel=apple-touch-icon,sizes=76x76,href=apple-touch-icon.png rel=icon,type=image/png,sizes=32x32,href=favicon-32x32.png rel=icon,type=image/png,sizes=16x16,href=favicon-16x16.png rel=alternate icon,type=image/vnd.microsoft.icon,href=http://d1zflb13a857us.cloudfront.net/favicon.ico rel=mask-icon,href=safari-pinned-tab.svg,color=#5bbad5
Both site and administration pages will share the same favicons.

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