Joomla Artificial Intelligence Content Generator

Stop spending lots of hours and money on creating good content!
Now you have an assistant who will produce relevant and competitive content for your Joomla website!


Current features ( Latest version 1.0.4 )

Connector to OpenAI

You will connect to OpenAI just by one click.

OpenAI Model and Datasets

You can use the OpenAI datasets and models, You can change the model anytime you want

Excellent Content Structure

You can create content structure based on headlines

Step by step content creation

Create the content step by ste and full control of yours!

Tagline ( Slogan )

You can create the tagline (slogan) for the topic you entered for the content!


You can create the introduction for the topic you entered for the content!


You can create the headlines for the topic you entered for the content!

Add - Edit - Delete - Move Headlines

You can change the headlines and orders of the headlines as you wish! This gives you full-control of article/content editing!

Ability to edit the created content.

You can edit the created content as you wish, and transfer it for use after making the changes.

Relative Ccontent

Create relative content for your website

Great results step by step!

Save content to use immediately or for the future usage
You can use the resulting content immediately or save it for later use.

User friendly admin interface

Extension designed for easy use.

AI Content Generator for Joomla website

Content is one of the most important aspects of any website.

It helps to inform visitors about your business, products and services, as well as provide them with useful information.

Engage visitors

Joomla Content Generator will help you creating relevant content which is useful for your visitors to engage them to your website.

How it works?

Joomla Content Generator works by using OpenAI API and creates content by listening your commands. This is an extension with a well-designed administrative interface.

Easy to use!

It's an easy to use component.

All you have to do is write the title and keywords related to the content you want. Generator will generate a content for you.

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