Weblinks is an interesting component in Joomla that exists since its early age, once being an integral part of Joomla and since a while available as separate extension. Weblinks is a nice way to collect and categorize links to anywhere in the internet. The component itself is quite comprehensive and shows a nice overview of either categories and/or a category's entries. It also provides its own module, which is quite powerful but also restricted in how it displays links. Hence, here we have Cuter Weblinks, providing an alternative module to display links.


  • Choose to display entries from one, some, or all categories.
  • Limit the number of entries to be shown.
  • Sort by order, alphabetically or publication date.
  • Decide upon which elements to show.
  • Add some prologue and/or epilogue text if desired.
  • Links are created according to Weblink style.

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