Creating a Template with Darkmode / Theme-Switcher functionality is now a piece of cake!

With the help of this lightweight but intuitive plugin, you can now easily create a responsive Darkmode layout from scratch!

How it works:
Easy! All you have to do is go into your CSS and replace all darkmode relevant fixed color values with CSS-Variables. Next,
got into the Backend of the plugin and enter the previously declared CSS-Variables, together with a fitting color for Normal (light) Mode
and Darkmode. Finally, select the Class of a Container, in which the Theme-Switcher Button should be rendered and save the Plugin Changes.

You now have a fully Customizable Theme-Switcher Button on your Web Page, that changes the Webpage's whole Color Layout without even
reloading the Page!

- First of it's kind
- Easy and straightforward configuration (with a little bit of CSS knowledge)
- Supports up to 2000 Styles that are loaded in the blink of an eye
- Changes Theme without reloading the Page
- Remembers the last Style, that the Client chose
- Optinal smooth fading animation when changing Theme

Please note that Javascript needs to be activated on the Client's Browser in order for this Plugin to work correctly.
Cookies also need to be accepted.

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