4AI is a state-of-the art Joomla extension that gives you an always-on AI-powered assistant to create and revise the content of your website.

Powered by the API behind the well-known ChatGPT system, it's always available, backend or frontend, at the click of an icon or through a convenient keyboard shortcut.


Now with live chat feature!

Integrated into Joomla 3 & 4

  • create the text for a new article or product description and save as a new article with one click
  • create a newsletter or the outline for a post
  • translate to more the 45 languages and save as a new article - associations are created or updated automatically
  • spell/check and correct writing style
  • change the style, expand or shorten content
  • get a summary, as text or as bullet points, based on existing content
  • rewrite existing content to include specified keywords
  • create page title, meta description
  • extract keywords and find related keywords and hashtags
  • get Facebook or LinkedIn posts in seconds
  • get Tweets or Tweets Threads based on your content - and tweet right from your Joomla site
  • Tweet or share on Facebook in any language, not just your content language

Guided prompting

No need to write complex prompts as with ChatGPT. You can provide your own custom instructions if you need to but 4AI automatically builds the prompts, the instructions required to obtain the best results from the AI API.

Joomla 4, Joomla 3, frontend or admin: this small icon is always there for you!

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