PopUp4U came about because a client asked to have one on their Joomla! website to promote a fundraising event they were hosting. Simple enough, head over to the Joomla Extension Directory (JED) and grab one. Not so fast! Since this client is on a tight budget, the only 'good' popup model boxes were commercial and way too expensive (IMHO) just to display a model box on page loads! I quickey tossed together some basic code using Fancybox 2 (my favorite lightbox app) and got my client up and page-popping in an hour of their initial request.

This is a free extension to download and use on as many Joomla websites you have. There are no restrictions, no contracts and no websites to join. Just four easy steps and you'll be pop'n the night away!
- Download
- Install
- Configure
- Use

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