WT Content Image Gallery for Joomla

Image gallery plugins package for insertion into Joomla articles and modules, as well as wherever the content group plugins work. Create your own image gallery layouts.


{gallery}...{/gallery} - layout default
{gallery tmpl=tmplname}...{/gallery} - layout tmplName.php in plugins/content/wtcontentimagegallery/tmpl

Inserting images

Image path

{gallery tmpl=tmplName}images/path/to/images{/gallery}

Comma-separated list of file paths

{gallery tmpl=tmplName}images/photo_1.webp, images/folder1/photo_2.webp, images/folder4/folder16/photo_3.webp{/gallery}

HTML code between tags {gallery}...{/gallery}

{gallery tmpl=tmplName} {/gallery}

Alt and title attributes from file labels.txt

If you insert the path to the directory with images, then you can specify the alt and title attributes for each image in the file labels.txt, which should be placed in the directory near with the images.
The contents of the file must contain information in the following form: file_name.webp | alt attribute | title attribute. For each image, the information is contained in a separate line. There is no need to put the | character at the end of the line.
Title for images can be omitted, then the string will look like image_2.webp|alt for image_2.

labels.txt example

image_1.webp|alt for image_1|title for image 1
image_2.webp|alt for image_2
image_3.webp|alt for image_3|title for image 3

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