JP CE Promo Calendar is the perfect solution for creating a special promotion calendar for Christmas or any other holiday. With this extension, you can easily create a calendar grid with locked date/time settings and several settings for the "door image" and promotion text. Creating a promotion calendar with JP Promo Calendar is simple and easy. You can lock offers and discounts behind doors/images and have them be available between date/time to date/time setting.

The most common usage and best example would be to prepare a Christmas calendar with one offer for every day between 1st of December to 24th of December. Each offer will unlock each day, and previous day's offers can be locked so they can't be accessed anymore. JP Promo Calendar is fully customizable, and you can easily make it look pretty on your website. The element comes with several settings for the door image and promotion text, so you can create a unique and engaging experience for your visitors. If you're looking to boost your sales during the holiday season or any other special occasion, JP CE Promo Calendar is the perfect solution for you. With this extension, you can create an engaging and interactive promotion calendar that will help you drive more traffic and increase your sales.

This plugin works with YOOtheme Pro Builder ONLY.

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