Fabrik 3.3.3 is now available for download[1].

This is a security release and we strongly recommend that you upgrade. The security fix resolves an potential information disclosure issue which affects all previous versions of Fabrik for Joomla 3.

We've improved the usage of the chosen dropdown rendering within Fabrik, so that it will work for dropdowns within repeat groups. To activate this option you need to go to Fabrik's global configuration, Forms section, and select 'Per element' for the  "Advanced Format (WIP) " option. Then for each element you wish to be rendered as a chosen dropdown turn on its 'Advanced Format (WIP)' option.

Behind the scenes we've moved over from our old ant build script to using Grunt.js. This is simply a lot easier for us to manage and set up. It also makes the repository a lot lighter as we have been able to remove several libraries from the fabrik_build folder which were taking up a lot of space.

One major change is our move over to using JLayouts is almost complete, most plugins and core code are now rendering output via JLayouts. This allows you fine grained control over how almost every part of Fabrik is rendered. To find out more about it please read the Fabrik JLayouts wiki page[2].

We'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this release including troester, bauer-git, Simone Bussoni, Hugh Messenger, paulv888 & Jaanus Nurmoja. 




Added detail link target option (_self, _blank, etc) for lists. 

fixed - querystring filters using join=OR and grouped_to_previous were not working once the list had been paginated to a subsequent page 

CSV Export/Import

  • Added global option to override the csv delimiter character
  • If number of exported records divisible by the export step with no remainder, then the file would not donwnload

Added default search view option to radius search plugin. 

List email

  • Added reply to and sent from options
  • Added SMS sending as an option

Update column

  • Added update_col feature, to allow restricting elements the user can select to update.  Also fixing some issues with multiple update_col plugins which both use popup window. 



  • fixed:  form plugin, issue with store not being decoded correctly, meant articles could not be updated 


  • Added handling S3 file uploads as attachments. 


  • First cut at "Save and Next" feature in redirect plugin, which redirects to the edit the next rowid in sequence, subject to current filters. 


JLayouts for elements & their labels.


  • Added an optional filter to filter by day/month/year 
  • Fixed filter had wrong classes. Meant values were being ignored when exporting to csv
  • changed: not empty validation. Month/day and year field should be entered to pass validation
  • The element now handles a sub set of the date pre-filter options (all except later/earlier this year)
  • csv export now formats data to list format setting 


  • Adding 'nocaptcha' (Google's newer version of reCaptcha) to captcha element. 

Digital Signature

  • fixed: the element was not rendering as image in the email form plugin


  • added: thumb/crop image size quality option
  • Added WiP feature, can set optional map element, for recording EXIF geo location data. 
  • Added WiP feature to do EXIF orientation check on images, and rotate image if necessary.
  • fixed: fileupload - single simple upload inside a repeat group. Pressing the delete button would clear out the fileupload value for all the repeat group db entries, not just the one that has been clicked on. Updated the listmodel->updateRows to take an option joined row primary key value. Added an element method to easily find what that value should be. Updated fileupload delete button to paass in this value with the delete ajax call.
  • fixed: fileupload (non-ajax) in parent group of form with repeat groups. Changing the uploaded file was not removing the previously selected file. see the video here https://fabrikar.com/forums/index.php?threads/fileupload-in-repeated-group.41100/page-2 
  • Attempt at fixing using placeholders for upload paths, for upload elements in repeat group using placeholders
  • Added firing events in upload JS after soft/hard deleting a file. 


  • Added optional date field to notes element plugin.
  • Added date display and format options, and username linking

Password field 

  • added: now has the option to additionally use the validation settings defined in com_users' global settings (min length, #symbols etc) 


  • Fix for tag element, we were selecting all tags on new form. 



Download fabrik 3.3.3[3]



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