On popular demand, we have decided to make JMailAlerts plugins available for individual purchase.

Why the Split?

  • For instance if someone was using JomSocial/ EasySocial/ CB he had to purchase all the unnecessary plugins since they were all in the same subscription package.

  • Again same thing while downloading. It was bit harder to find the particular plugin’s latest version.

  • For the use of one particular plugin users had to pay for the entire subscription.

So, by splitting the plugins, it has become easier to to manage the updates and also people can choose from the plugins to download as per the integration they are using and save on cash!!

Introducing 2 new plugins!

JMailAlerts Plugins for Zoo and for JomEstate[1][2]

Get them now![3]

All the paid plugins get a new update!

We have released bug fixes and some minor changes in all paid plugins with v 2.5.5

Buy the Latest versions now![4]



  1. ^ Zoo (yootheme.com)
  2. ^ JomEstate (comdev.eu)
  3. ^ Get them now! (techjoomla.com)
  4. ^ Buy the Latest versions now! (techjoomla.com)

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