Laracon EU Videos are now out

Laracon EU just released most of the videos from the conference in a YouTube playlist that you can watch here.

Talks from the event included:

  • Laravel Pulse: Behind the Scenes // Jess Archer
  • Lessons From the Laravel Framework // Luke Downing
  • Running Laravel Apps With FrankenPHP // Kévin Dunglas
  • The PHP Foundation // Roman Pronskiy
  • Managing 5000+ Tests Efficiently // Christoph Rumpel
  • Flip the Switch Slowly // Daniel Coulbourne
  • Surviving Large Applications // Bobby Bouwmann
  • Window Magic, Command Line Wizardry // Rissa Jackson
  • Scaling Databases // Tobias Petry
  • Uncharted Packages // Freek Van der Herten
  • Laravel Update // Taylor Otwell
  • Real-Time Laravel // Joe Dixon
  • Eating Your Own Dog Food // Michi Hoffmann
  • Explore the Art of Customising TailwindCSS // Shruti Balasa
  • Working at Laravel // James Brooks
  • Unveiling the Modular Monolith // Mateus Guimarães
  • Let Rector do the Boring Work // Tomas Votruba
  • Maximizing Your Team's Performance // Katerina Trajchevska
  • Thoughtful Performance // Tim MacDonald
  • Reusing Reusable Livewire Components // Philo Hermans
  • Parsing PHP for Fun...and Profit // Marcel Pociot

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