Launch your Startup Fast with LaraFast

LaraFast is a powerful Laravel boilerplate equipped with Jetstream, Tailwind, Inertia.js, and Vue. It streamlines your SaaS app development by providing ready-to-go components for Payments, Admin, Blog, SEO, and more. This allows you to launch your projects in minutes, saving you both time and money.

Focus on idea, and leave the boring stuff to LaraFast

This Laravel Boilerplate comes with built in features, to help you save your time and money each time you start a new project.

  • Payments. Plan Checkout Sessions, Single Product Purchases, Customer Portal, Webhook Handling. All out of the box with Stripe or LemonSqueezy.
  • Users. User Registrations and Logins, provided by Laravel Fortify and Social Auth for Github, Twitter and Google out of the box.
  • Admin Panel. Built with amazing FilamentPHP, admin panel comes with Users and Blog Articles management.
  • SEO. SEO Meta Tags, Twitter Cards, Automatic Sitemap builder, markup integrated, Blog and Articles SEO.
  • Styles. LaraFast is made with DaisyUI, which comes with 32 amazing themes out of the box.
  • ...and many more. Components, OpenAI Service, Coming Soon Page, Terms and Privacy pages.

Visit LaraFast for complete details on the package.

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