Pagekit 1.0 released - A modular and lightweight CMS

Last week the day had finally come to release Pagekit 1.0, our open source CMS that might just be the right choice for your next web project. The past couple of days have been beyond exciting for us!

With our experience in building for other platforms, the work on Pagekit has been directed by an idea that came to be a while ago[1]: Let's build a CMS with a modern codebase that comes with an uncluttered user interface and makes it easy to completely create a simple website in minutes.

What is Pagekit?

Pagekit is a free and open source PHP CMS built with modern tools such as Symfony 3 components, UIkit and Vue.js. When coming from another CMS, you will find familiar concepts like the included widget management, but also fresh ideas like the Site Tree – the central interface to create content and manage your site's structure.

The admin interface is inspired by the Material Design guidelines and offers a tidy environment for effective content management. An included Marketplace, easy user management and a powerful HTML & Markdown editor – there's plenty to discover, so make sure to give Pagekit a try.

Getting started made easy

Head over to[2] to download the new release. There you can also find the documentation[3] and links to introductory screencasts that explain how to use Pagekit. By default, Pagekit installs using a lightweight SQLite database, so you can quickly use it on any modern PHP webhoster.

To get started, we are providing several free themes and extensions. All of these can be installed from the Marketplace[4], which is available right inside the Pagekit administration. The Formmaker[5], for example, allows you to add fully functional forms, including different field types and reCaptcha integration, to your Pagekit site. With the Userprofile[6] extension you can create custom profiles for your users.

These are only a few of the available items in the Marketplace, which also include theme and extension blueprints to help developers create their own products. With the rising popularity of Pagekit more items will enter the Marketplace and support for commercial themes and extensions is planned for the future.

The journey ahead

Rest assured that we'll stay committed to developing for WordPress and Joomla. This is at the core of our business and it's not going anywhere. We are currently working on the Warp 7 and Widgetkit 2 successors and their releases are planned for the coming summer. The best news is that all themes based on the new framework are going to be compatible with Pagekit as well!

We are incredibly excited to share Pagekit 1.0 with you. So far the response has been overwhelming. Within a few hours the Pagekit website buckled under the demand and our Twitter feeds were exploding. A number of articles dedicated to Pagekit were published on Speckyboy[7], WebAppers[8], t3n[9] and Cyon[10] (the last two are written in German) and Pagekit was featured on Codrops[11], Reddit[12] and Product Hunt[13], among many others. These are happy times for us and we hope that you'll give Pagekit it a try.

Visit the Pagekit Homepage[14]


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