Quick Web Accessibility Implementation with Joomla All In One Accessibility extension!
The All In One Accessibility widget is developed to improve accessibility and usability of your website. It uses the accessibility interface which handles UI and design related adjustments.

Enable wide array of people with disabilities to use your Joomla website effectively with All In One Accessibility widget. It will integrate basic accessibility features according to the WCAG 2.1 standards to make it accessible to people with hearing or vision impairments, cognitive impairments, and perception problems.

Joomla All In One Accessibility Pro Version: (It includes all the features of Free Version + additional features as below)

Skip Links
- Skip to Menu
- Skip to Footer
- Skip to Navigation
- Open Accessibility Toolbar

Content Adjustments
- Content Scaling
- Readable Fonts
- Highlight Title
- Highlight Links
- Text Magnifier
- Adjust Font Sizing
- Adjust Line Height
- Adjust Letter Spacing
- Align Center
- Align Left
- Align Right

Color Adjustments
- Dark Contrast
- Monochrome
- Light Contrast
- High Saturation
- High Contrast
- Low Saturation
- Invert Colors
- Adjust Background Color
- Adjust Text Color
- Adjust Title Color

Orientation Adjustments
- Mute Sounds
- Hide Images
- Reading Guide
- Stop Animation
- Reading Mask
- Highlight Hover
- Highlight Focus
- Big Black Cursor
- Big White Cursor

- English
- Spanish
- German
- Arabic
- Slovak
- Portuguese
- French
- Italian
- Polish
- Turkish
- Japanese
- Finnish
- Russian
- Hungarian
- Latin
- Greek
- Hebrew

- Accessibility Statement
- Dynamic Widget Color
- Adjust the accessibility icon position
- Hide ADA Widget

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