ChatAndBot - a live chat for your website with a free rate. Using this extension on your website you will get the opportunity to communicate with your customers in real time. To get started, copy the widget code from your account and paste it into the “js code” field of this module.

Key Features:

  • ChatBot - allows you to automate answers to frequently asked questions. This functionality can greatly reduce the load on you and your employees.

  • Creating a customer base - Using flexible settings, you can create a card that is convenient for you and save information about customers.

  • Support for 168 languages - Translate the widget into multiple languages. When displayed, the language is selected according to the browser settings.

  • Answer templates - create standard answers.

  • Statistics - reports will help you evaluate the workload on your employees and their performance.

  • Departments - you can create a department selection in the form. You can group consultants according to their specialty and direct questions to the right specialists.

  • Transfer chat to another operator - the consultant can transfer the chat to another operator if he cannot continue himself.

  • Print Monitor - You can watch the message print in real time.

  • Different applications - you can communicate using web interface, windows application and android app.

  • And much more - the functionality is not limited to the above. More details can be found on the website https://chatandbot.com/.

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