Open source is a development model about share and innovate. Joomla is based on that philosophy; that’s one of the reasons of its success.

In this post you will discover 6 reasons that answer why Joomla is the best software to build websites.


#1. Joomla is free

The 3 most popular CMS are free. This is the only reason on the list that is not exclusive to this software.

#2. Joomla already include the common features

Once you install Joomla, your website will be ready to support SEO, contact forms, RSS, blog, media, multi language, etc.

Experienced users may need 1 minute to do the installation and 45 minutes to publish the content. That means a ready working website in less than 1 hour.

Which other platform makes possible that performance for free?

#3. Joomla Extensions Directory

Do you want to build a big website with features that are not included in the default installation?

Do a quick search in the Joomla Extensions Directory (aka JED) to find the right piece of software to match your needs.

  • Want to build an ecommerce site? - Got it!
  • A membership site? - Got it!
  • A gallery site? - Got it!
  • A directory site? - Got it!
  • Do you need an extension to do backups? - Got it!
  • An extension to increase security? - Got it!
  • An extension that does nothing? - Got it! wait.. what??

Those are a few examples that proves the JED will support you when the core is not enough.

#4. Joomla is supported by volunteers

The Open Source Matters; is an honest effort to create software to share with the world.

The code is build and maintained by people who voluntarily donate their time, skills and knowledge. The passion volunteers print by contributing with code, design, support, blogging, training, marketing is very positive!

The power of a community is based on the people who support it.

#5. Joomla is international

You can build websites not only in english, you can do so in Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, Catalan, French, etc. The list of available languages is huge; there is no better alternative [period]

#6. Joomla is well coded

The framework behind is well organised to keep every layer in place by implementing the Model View Controller standard (MVC), having that level of separation is important when you need to create your own extensions or customize the design.

As example:

modify the code for the view by doing template overrides without touching the logic. That means flexibility in a safe way.

About extensions, which basically are addons to extend the functionality. You have access to 3 types:

  • Components. Create and manage the main content of a page.
  • Modules. Create and manage blocks of content around the component.
  • Plugins. Add extra features to components and modules.


Socially and technically this is the best software to build the future of the web.



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